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Pokemon Birthday Invitations

custom pokemon birthday invitations
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Pokemon Birthday Invitations

For months, I thought it to all things interesting Lego could do for my son’s birthday:food ideas, process, etc. I you love all the planning that goes into my son’s birthday.Well, I like it to see their faces, I think I like it more. We had a scientific success fullevening of madness last year (here and here) in the case where no. = O)

Then about 3 weeks ago my son said: “MOM, can I change my birthday party for agroup of Pokémon?”. What? But I have ideas in my head! But he could not say that myadorable son looked at me with such an appeal in his eyes. So, he replied: “of course,you can!” So, since I was looking at Google like crazy to get some ideas. And oh! It willtherefore be dang excited that I almost can’t wait. So is just an overview of theinvitations… here. They were very easy to make!

pokemon x and y birthday invitations

My children have been obsessed with recent Pokemon (which is always) and Evandecided he wanted a birthday Pokemon party. This year has been particularly excitingbecause Evan was even his first party friend! Normally, I just went to the lazy routeand sends a Facebook invite, but invites his friends at school and needed by the paperinvites the old school. He needed to make cheese and cunning, of course, so I use mysilhouette help me make these invitations Pokeball. I think that I finally understandpaper artisans around the world a little more. He was very friendly! If you don’t have afigure, do not worry. I also gave it a printable version that can be cut with scissorsplain old!

They make little love to follow the adventures of Pikachu and Ash? Maybe they likewatching television, playing video cards or Exchange? Then they single party with ourPokemon party ideas! We have ideas for everything from invitations to the activitiesthat will be as easy as possible to plan the perfect party! Jason asked a Pokémon-themed birthday party this year. It is a difficult subject for meto get excited, especially because I know very little about the game and even afterwatching an episode of the comic strip series, I still feel uninformed and uninspired.I’m trying to roll with him so, and so far, it seems quite satisfied with our partyplanning.

pokemon trading card birthday invitations

Last week, I finished the invitations that are based on the design of collection ofcharacter cards. I decided to make them available as models for others organize aparty Pokémon can create their own personalized invitations.

Pokemon Birthday Invitations

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